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A story in one part of the Bible frequently connects to other stories appearing in different parts of the Bible. These connections are intentional. The biblical authors want the reader to see connections between stories and to focus on these important connections in preaching and teaching. This is also true of poems and prophecies. Our Stories, Poems & Prophecies curriculum helps preachers and teachers see the connections the Bible intentionally makes between different stories, poems, or prophecies. The pictures on one side of the page feature different stories, poems, or prophecies sharing important connections. The words on the back side of the page explain how the stories, poems, or prophecies connect to each other.


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HTTP DL Biblical Theology

Six-part curriculum teaches major themes in each section of the Bible using simple pictures and words.


Clear pictures and simple words demonstrate how individual stories in the Bible work together to emphasize major themes.

HTTP Preachers Guides

Guidebooks designed to help pastors and leaders study, understand, and preach from individual books of the Bible.

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A growing library of articles exploring and explaining important subjects from the Scriptures.

HTTP Gear Talk

A weekly podcast explaining how the different stories, poems, books, and sections in the Bible work together to tell the story of Christ and his Kingdom.

Resources for Families - 4C logo

Stories and explanations featuring colorful illustrations, simple words, and ideas. Ideal for parents or teachers reading to children.

Bible Studies - 4C logo 02

These eight or nine-week studies include study questions and detailed notes for individual or group study.

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Sermons and classroom lectures by Hands to the Plow's team members.