"I want toGod's Word."

Biblical training for church leaders; physical care for those in need.

Leaders in Christ’s church must know the story being told in the Bible. We can help. We offer several unique kinds of teaching material that are designed to help leaders and future leaders grow in their knowledge of God’s word and pass these truths on to others. We also offer, when possible, on-site training for pastors and leaders. In areas of great need we work with local churches extending physical care to those in need.

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Language-Specific Resources

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This six-part curriculum uses pictures and words to teach major themes in each section of the Bible.

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These books are designed to help pastors and leaders carefully study one part of Scripture.

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Explore other resources for the church, including articles, Bible studies, and children’s material.

While our materials are used by many Christian denominations, we are not officially
affiliated with any specific Christian denomination. Our beliefs are in line with the
beliefs held by the historic Christian church.


Please explore, use, and print the materials found here. We also invite you to explore getting involved in other ways, whether this involves requesting training for your area, hosting a teaching seminar, translating materials, or giving.

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Explore Our Resources

The church of Jesus Christ is scattered across the earth and speaks many languages. The materials on this website are available free of charge. Please download them and use them for the help of the church.

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Host A Team

Would the pastors and leaders in your area benefit from in-depth Biblical training? You can help. The church of Jesus Christ is scattered across the earth and speaks many languages. 

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Donate Today

Your gifts allow us to write, produce, translate, and print materials. They also allow us to host teaching seminars for leaders in different parts of the world. 

These resources from Hands to the Plow interpret Scripture carefully and faithfully and supply theological wholeness and life for a world in desperate need of God’s truth. The authors are deeply committed to Jesus and to seeing him celebrated and proclaimed among the neighborhoods and the nations, and I strongly encourage churches both near and far to utilize these resources to train their people.


–Jason S. DeRouchie, PhD, Research Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

I am nearing the end of my fifth year as a pastor and the Preacher’s Guides have been such a help and a blessing. I am so grateful to have one of the guides when I am preaching through a book in the Bible. As a church we just finished a year in the book of Revelation. I was so thankful to have the Preacher’s Guide as a source as I studied throughout the week preparing for a message. What I appreciated the most is how the author references the Old Testament passages that John was referring to when he wrote the book of Revelation. I have personally grown through this study and have gotten better myself at seeing how often the New Testament writers are pulling from the Old Testament. These resources are such a blessing for any believer.


–Andrew Melton, Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church, Spooner, Wisconsin USA

We are grateful for these study materials and we use them in our pastor and leaders seminars. It is a joy to go through the Scriptures with church leaders throughout Asia and then receive reports that they are taking these studies and multiplying them in their churches and home Bible Studies.


–Missionaries working in South and Southeast Asia

I have never been more excited to use a teaching material as I am with the Developing Leaders six-part series. As you know, one of the biggest challenges facing our pastors and leaders is how to teach difficult parts of Scripture - especially in the Old Testament. This material helps connect the dots from Genesis to Revelation all the while focusing on the line that connects all the dots and that of course is Jesus. I have used this material with pastors and leaders in the Dominican Republic and here in the United States and not only was it well received with many eyes being opened, but they are also excited to not only use the material themselves but also to start the next gear!


–Teacher using materials in USA and Dominican Republic

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We regularly send out information on new resources available to help the church. This includes information on new translations that are available. We also send updates on how materials are being used.