The Psalms, the Apostles and the Christ


The Psalms, the Apostles and the Christ


This eight week study focuses on seven Psalms. But it does so (at least it attempts to do so) from the perspective of the Apostles. How did they read the Psalms? It’s a question of massive importance because Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would teach the Apostles all things and would remind them of everything that he said (see John 14:25-26). The Apostles, then, are to be seen as utterly trustworthy guides to understanding the meaning of Scripture.

In this study we will consider seven Psalms. Six of the Psalms are referred to by the Apostles, one Psalm—the last Psalm we will consider—is not. My prayer is that we will be able to, by watching how the Apostles interpret the Psalms that are quoted in the New Testament, learn how to read and interpret the Psalms that aren’t quoted in the New Testament in a way in which the Apostles would approve.